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Ultraplex Energy Workout (Berry) (30 Serv)

Exercise Performance & Results Optimizer

DOSAGE: Dissolve the contents of one scoop in 6-12 oz of water according to preferred sweetness. On non-workout days, consume the effervescent drink in the AM on an empty stomach. On workout days, consume the effervescent drink once daily 30 minutes prior to workout, or use as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Ultraplex Energy Workout is designed to meet the demanding needs of the body during and after exercise. This great-tasting drink mix provides a low-carb, zero-sugar combination of bioactive B vitamins, electrolytes, Albion TRAACS chelated trace minerals, key amino acids, herbs, and powerful antioxidants without the use of synthetic sweeteners or artificial ingredients. To fuel muscular excitability and take performance and recovery to the next level, Ultraplex Energy Workout features a unique blend of natural exercise enhancers that are patented and clinically tested. These include Purenergy caffeine/pterostilbene co-crystal, Creapure creatine, and Peak ATP adenosine triphosphate. Let Ultraplex Energy Workout help you maximize your exercise time and energy output.